Headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania, Veltek Associates, Inc. has been pioneering the design and manufacture of cleanroom solutions for contamination control since 1981. Veltek’s innovative solutions address the control of particulate and microbial contamination in pharmaceutical and biotechnology operations worldwide. Their strong customer focus allows unique technical relationships with their clients to ensure products meet or exceed each customer’s requirements. Veltek’s history of innovation can be validated by over 150 patents issued worldwide.

Veltek serves industries including pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, UPS-compliant compounding sterile preparation and laboratory animal research facilities. Company divisions include sterile chemical manufacturing, environmental control monitoring, disposable products manufacturing, consulting and documentation tracking.

DiNovo sells Veltek’s line of sterile disinfectants and sporicides including DECON-QUAT 200, DECON-SPORE® 200 Plus and STERI-PEROX® 3% and 6%. DiNovo also sells Veltek’s SMA MicroParticle ICS Non-Viable Particle Counter, in both free-standing and handheld models. More information about Veltek products can be found on their website:


"DiNovo has been a great resource for Veltek not just from a sales perspective, but also from a technical perspective and navigating the uncertainties that have defined the past 2 years. Their complimentary product offerings, and channel of open communication, has paved the way to great service to our mutual customers.”

-Jeff Meek | Manager of Healthcare Division at Veltek Associates, Inc.


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