Texwipe is the worldwide leader in contamination control supplies and critical cleaning products including cleanroom wipers, cleanroom swabs, cleanroom stationery, sterile products, adhesive mats and more. The company was founded in 1964 by inventor Edward Paley, who developed the world’s first low-lint cloth for cleaning mainframe computer equipment. His cloth was designed to prevent microcontamination–tiny, unseen particles on the disk and tape drives that were creating errors. The contamination control industry took off from there.

Today, Texwipe is the contamination control leader for critical manufacturing in aerospace, automotive, biotechnology, food processing, data storage, medical device, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and telecommunications.

DiNovo sells Texwipe’s full suite of contamination control supplies and cleaning products, including wipers, swabs, mops, cleaning solutions and stationery for cleanroom environments. These products include Alpha product lines XYZ name brands. Texwipe also works with customers to develop custom cleanroom contamination control products. Click their logo below to learn more!

"DiNovo has been a Texwipe distributor for nine years. They have more than delivered to Texwipe’s customers. They will take the time to understand your production process and the products required. They are quick to respond and have a vast inventory of Texwipe products. DiNovo is an agile distributor!”

- Sally Davis and Michael Jelenevsky | Texwipe Regional Managers

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