International Enviroguard

International Enviroguard designs and manufactures disposable protective clothing for industries and operations needing to protect people and productivity. Their brand name line of disposable protective clothing keeps workers cooler while protecting them from noxious chemicals, particulates, and pathogens. Through rigorous testing, International Enviroguard sterile products have proven effective in pharmaceutical settings by protecting from exposure to hazardous dust and fine powders created through pharma production, filling, and packaging. Their proprietary packaging process further protects the sterility of the work environment, reducing particulate shed and preventing cross-contamination.

International Enviroguard serves the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries and provides protective needs in times of crisis, assessing protective needs and rapidly delivering effective PPE to keep teams safe after floods, hurricane cleanups, oil spills, and highly contagious infectious disease outbreaks. In addition to innovating disposable protective fabrics and packaging solutions, International Enviroguard provides the accessories and tools to operate your clean room with the highest standards. Click their logo below to learn more!


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