ALK Life Science Solutions

ALK Life Science Solutions™ produces sterile empty vials (SEV) with the utmost consideration to detail. ALK uses strict control measures to ensure the quality and consistency of its vials and follows the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) to maintain the integrity of their work. SEVs materials are latex-free, rubber-free, and aseptically assembled using sterile components. Some vials are available with FluroTec Barrier Film for an added barrier against extractables and leachables. Their US facility assembles, tests, and sterilizes all SEVs according to USP requirements and all of ALK’s vials are eligible for international sale.

ALK Life Science Solutions vials provide quality and consistency to the biopharmaceutical industry, medical and chemical research, diagnostics, and academia. Assembled in a Class 100 cleanroom, all equipment undergoes regular and meticulous calibration, maintenance, and testing to ensure the highest quality product. ALK Life Science Solutions the SEVs production process ensures every vial is pure and guarantees the integrity of what it contains. Click their logo below to learn more!

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