DiNovo Pharmacy and Packaging Provisions provides qualified shipping solutions to Texas-based specialty pharmacy

Texas-based Senderra Specialty Pharmacy ships medications to customers across the U.S. Prior to working with DiNovo, Senderra did not have a qualified EPS cooler to ship their products. To ensure product integrity and customer safety, they began using laboratory qualified shipping coolers.

Partnership with DiNovo creates new shipping solutions

DiNovo Pharmacy and Packaging Provisions worked with Senderra to:

  • Identify shipping cooler size for their products
  • Partner with an ISTA certified laboratory to perform thermal modeling
  • Assist with data analysis and recommend changes to the pack out protocol
  • Set up a daily delivery system to alleviate storage constraints

Senderra’s Vice President of Production Operations Jeremy Hix had previously contacted DiNovo about shipping solutions. Hix trusted that DiNovo could arrange a partnership with an ITSA certified laboratory and meet Senderra’s high-volume requirements.

“DiNovo was able to provide Senderra with a custom-tailored delivery schedule for coolers and gel packs that eliminated the need to expand our storage warehouse. DiNovo provides ISTA coolers that gives assurance to myself, our pharmacist, and patients that their medication will arrive within manufacture storage guidelines, even if there is a courier delay,” Hix said.  

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Senderra maintains operational efficiency throughout implementation

New operations proceeded smoothly with no significant downtime or delay in shipments. Previously, Senderra was using EPS coolers with temperature indicators. The new shipping solution used the same coolers and qualified the packouts with ISTA certified data. As a result, there was no rollout period or delay. Senderra implemented the new shipping solution without disruption.

The delivery schedule had to be adjusted over time due to demand increases. By identifying the requirements weekly and scheduling multiple shipments per week times a week, storage constraints were essentially eliminated.

“DiNovo was instrumental in streamlining our cold chain pack out. This has significantly reduced shipping cost while increasing productivity. And the transaction was entirely seamless,” Hix said. DiNovo’s proactive approach and resources and knowledge of what needed to be done made the new process flow smoothly.

Successful implementation of new shipping system

Senderra saw positive results in their shipping procedures and budget. Eliminating temperature indicators decreased operating expenses. With the new qualified shipping cooler systems, they consistently met their product shipment schedule. Additionally, they modified the shipping schedule in response to volume fluctuation with no downtime.

No temperature excursions occurred during the winter or summer months with the new coolers. Senderra’s partnership with DiNovo allowed them to safely ship their products to customers across the country.

DiNovo provides packaging solutions, cleaning and disinfecting supplies and more to specialty and 503A/503B compounding pharmacies. We work with each client to create a system that is best for their pharmacy, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. Contact us today to learn about compounding and specialty pharmacy best practices.


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